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Tired of seeing “trendy, cloned jewelry” made and marketed for the masses?

Do you desire a piece of jewelry that has a uniqueness to it?

Meet Dare to be Different Jewelry Designs!

Let us introduce you to the unbelievable beauty of Mother Nature’s gemstones in a “not so ordinary way.” We may surprise you with the classic look of pearls combined with a focal bead produced from lava rock (Contemporary Collection) or put together ancient pieces of Roman Glass with handcrafted sterling silver beads from the island of Bali (Artifacts Collection).

Each piece of jewelry is individually designed and handcrafted by the designer whose focus is placed on distinctiveness and quality. A great deal of thoughtfulness, time and detail is reflected in each and every creation.

Sound interesting? Take a few minutes to browse through our gallery pages. You will be intrigued and delighted with our jewelry confections.

Remember . . . It never hurts to look! You may, in fact, find it necessary to treat yourself to a Dare to be Different Jewelry Design!





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