Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Concrete house

Most of us think that concrete houses are an unconventional way to build a house when compared to building a house with wood and bricks. But concrete blocks are quite often used these days to build house and buildings. Most people think that concrete build houses don’t look pleasing to the eye, but these days the external facings are so good that you hardly can make out the difference between a brick built house and a concrete block-built house. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of building a concrete house with a concrete contractor.


Concrete houses are best if you live in a humid environment:

Concrete homes are best for an area which is filled with moisture. If you happen to have a wooden house in such environments, the wood might get wet, This might attract fungus and rot which will damage the wood. When you have concrete blocks, you can avoid such things. These blocks are also resistant to termites and other things which have the potential to damage your home.

Concrete blocks are best for windy areas:

Homes built out of concrete blocks are extremely strong and thus are perfect for areas which are prone to high winds. Concrete houses will not be easily toppled over even during extreme weather conditions. It is said that concrete blocks can withstand winds over 200 miles an hour. If you maintain it properly, your house will last for years. The concrete house is also fire resistant as cement is not flammable.

Concrete houses have great insulation:

The insulation is pretty great, and the hot air or the cool air inside the house won’t escape that easily from the house. It is also soundproof, which is great to host parties. Even having a loud music inside your house and not disturb your neighbors. You can also avoid the noise pollution from outside.


Concrete blocks are expensive:

When compared to other materials, concrete homes tend to be a little more expensive. The price may fluctuate based on the region you live in, and thus you need to do proper research and find out the cost in your area before you buy them.


Not very pleasing to the eye:

Concrete blocks are grey and dull. As they are plain, many homeowners refuse to buy concrete blocks. If at all you want it to be painted you will have to add a coat of cement to get your house painted.

Plumbing in concrete can be hard:

If at all there is a plumbing issue in your house. It can be quite hard to access the broken pipes through the concrete walls. You might have to break the concrete to fix your pipes. To avoid this, you need to make sure that you have a good drainage system in your house so that you wouldn’t have to break anything.

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